Minnesota Sports New Year Resolutions Part 1

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With in the rearview mirror and 2017 still in it’s infancy, I figured the time is right to make some New Year’s Resolutions for some of our local squads.  This is Part 1 of a 2 part series.

The Vikings:

  • Upgrade the O-Line – I believe that every Vikings fan, player and coach have seen enough of TJ Clemmings to know that him as a starter is basically an open door to the Vikings backfield.  Starters and depth are needed and needed BADLY!  With a decision to re-sign free agent to-be Matt Kalil as well, the Vikings could have 2-3 new starters on the line.
  • Get Teddy healthy – Not to take away the starting gig from Bradford, but just to give the kid a chance again.  Teddy is a good guy who had a terrible injury.  Hopefully he recovers and possibly can get back onto the field again
  • Sign Cordarrelle Patterson – For a player that was nearly written off, CP84 bounced back and became a main contributor for the Vikings this season.  His explosiveness on kickoff returns was great to see and his involvement in the offense as the season progressed made us remember why we loved him his rookie year.

The Wild:

  • No swoon – Over the past few years the Wild have started out well and then have bottomed out to a point where they were forced to nearly win out the final months of the season. With a new coach, can the Wild ditch this ugly tradition?
  • Break the Boudreau curse – Bruce Boudreau is known for having great regular season teams but then to make early exits from the playoffs. With a gritty squad, can this Wild team make noise #BecauseItsTheCup
  • Get Parise and Pominville going – While the Wild have had success, these two highly paid players have not really helped the cause.  Between them they have played 63 games and have totaled just 11 goals. To avoid the top two bullet points, getting the P&P guys to provide some offense will be needed.


The Wolves:

  • Get hot, stay hot – Every time it appears that the Wolves are making progress, they have a violent relapse with a bad loss.  The talent is there but through 35 games they are 11-24.  That is not what Wolves fans envisioned. I want to see a good 3-4 game stretch that is followed up immediately with another good 3-4 game stretch.
  • Chase #8 –Believe it or not, the playoffs are not out of the picture. They are only 4.5 games out and the team in 8th is Sacramento.  Anything is possible and good 8-2 stretch could see the squad within a game or 2 of the playoffs.
  • Get KAT going – KAT puts in the time, is crazy skilled, wants to win but all of it is just a little off this season. He’s had some fantastic games but he’s also been trying to figure out his style as defenses are now planning to stop him.  He is floating outside a little too often instead of using his post game to obliterate defenses down low.  If KAT can get going again, that might be what gets this squad moving.
  • DEFEND — The Wolves offense isn’t quite the problem as their offensive #’s are in the upper tier of NBA offenses. The problem is the defensive end where other teams can hurt them. They are young and still learning and Thibs even alluded to it by basically saying that they now are too quick to help out each other on defense instead of never helping.  Once they figure it out defensively, then we might have something.


Gophers Football:

  • Get a coach — With everything that has happened recently, the Gophers need to hire the RIGHT coach pretty quickly. The decision to fire Tracy Claeys did not sit well with the current squad, ex-players and alumni or ex-coaches.  There is a lot of negativity about the program and a new coach is needed to shut it all up.  My Guess is that its PJ Fleck from Western Michigan but what do I know?
  • Let Mitch Leidner disappear — Poor Mitch, he’s so ashamed of the University for what has happened.  Yes, he owes Tracy Claeys everything he has because the loyalty by Claeys and the staff towards Leidner was pretty over the top.  Mitch was a borderline awful QB who had 8 TD passes and 12 INT’s his senior season.  Oh yeah, four of those TD passes were against lowly Indiana St.  Leidner was given a long leash, longer than any QB should’ve been given and for him to be a voice of this…… shut up.  His career is over and his next stop is the real world because the football field doesn’t need him.


One last thing:

Tracy Claeys was a pretty good defensive coordinator for the Jerry Kill squads.  If there was one noticeable difference in these recent teams its that the defense was pumping out 1-2 defensive players each year that would get drafted into the NFL.  That was a great accomplishment.

Claeys was good at being a defensive coordinator.

Claeys was not good at Twitter.

If Tracy Claeys was not on Twitter, I think he still would be the coach of this team. It would’ve been tough to blame him for what happened in that apartment back in September.  There are around 85-100 players between the ages of 18-22 on a college football team. It is impossible to think a coach, any coach, has control over those players 24/7.  There is no way that Claeys would’ve been cool with what happened that night. 

When Claeys tweeted his support for the boycott and how proud he was, that was him sealing his own fate. When the AD wasn’t crazy about him (combined with only a 500K buyout), that tweet that basically was choosing the players over his bosses was the end of the line.  He knew it was possible that he could lose his job and that was what happened.

Even before all of this, I didn’t like Claeys as the head coach of a Big Ten squad.  He seemed out of place and although he was a good defensive mind, he was in over head head when it game to decision making (time management, 2-point conversions, timeouts, loyalty to Leidner). He got this squad to 9-4 but they didn’t really beat anyone while being an underdog.  I’m fine he’s gone, I didn’t want him in the first place so now a new coach can take over.

Jerry Kill—I liked Jerry when he coached MN and was sympathetic towards him and his health problems.  He used his health as a reason for stepping down and now he has popped up at Rutgers as their offensive coordinator.  He has been supportive of Claeys and I understand that, but on Wednesday he really opened up.  Apparently Jerry is never supporting Minnesota again.

OH NO!!!!!!

What will we ever do without the support of JerrySota again??  Jerry can go out East and disappear with that Rutgers squad. I liked you Jerry but could care less about you now.  Here is the article. http://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/former-minnesota-coach-jerry-kill-is-done-with-the-gophers-following-claeys-firing/


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