Fast Forward One Month -- Vikings at 4-0 Baby!!

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On Tuesday August 30th I took a late lunch from work, during that time the news broke that Teddy Bridgewater was badly injured during a Vikings practice that day and things weren't good. I remember walking back into the office that afternoon and guys of all ages, shapes and sizes were there totally stunned and sad. Even the Green Bay fans didn't tease us. In a season with high expectations for our Minnesota Vikings, all hope was crushed before even the 4th preseason game. Why us? What did we do to deserve this?

Fast forward one month and a couple days to Monday night at US Bank Stadium as the Vikings walked off the field victorious over the New York Giants by a score of 24-10 to improve to a record of 4-0.

US Bank Stadium view up top

How quickly things can change. On Monday August 29th I didn't think the Vikings would ever be 4-0, let alone with Sam Bradford at QB, Jerick McKinnon at RB, TJ Clemmings at LT and Jeremiah Sirles at RT but those were the guys who beat the Giants.

Despite being as shorthanded as a team could be, Mike Zimmer had the Vikings ready to go and they did nothing flashy at all, but completely dismantled and made a good New York team look really average and aside from one fluke screen pass in the 4th quarter, never allowed New York to ever have any real shot to win the game. It just wasn't going to happen, the Vikings were the superior team and it wasn't close.

Say all you want, but Sam Bradford has stepped right into the Vikings offense and has completed 69.5% of his passes and is averaging 240 yds per game and has 4 TD's and ZERO interceptions. Rick Spielman gave up a decent amount to get Sam but it's hard to argue the results so far. Remember that week in late August when all of us Vikings rubes were trying to put the shine on crap like Josh McCown, Mike Glennon, Christian Ponder & Mark Sanchez? Think of those guys trying to get us through this without AP and with the constant change along the offensive line? YUCKKKKKKKKKK!

I was all good with Bradford being the guy for one reason and that was the fact that unlike those other guys, Bradford has the ability to go out and actually win a game if the Vikings would be in that situation of trailing in the quarter and needing to drive down the field for a TD. Monday night the Giants cut the Vikings lead to 7 points and the Vikings responded by driving down the field and answering New York with a TD of their own. GAME... SET... MATCH... It wasn't the exact scenario I envisioned but Sam did what he needed to do.

Feel good about this Vikings fans. The Purple is 4-0, has an awesome new stadium, one of the top 3-4 coaches in the NFL, one of the top 2-3 defenses, a young punter having his best year of his career, a possible star WR in Stefon Diggs and a team rallying around everything and kicking the crap out of Eli Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton. I'll take it.

Some notes about Monday night:

  • Cordarrelle Patterson was involved early and often totaling 5 catches and being extremely important. We missed you CP84, welcome back!

  • Xavier Rhodes shut down Odell Beckham (3 catches) just like he did to Kelvin Benjamin.

  • The Vikings defense had zero sacks and they still won. It's nice winning like that and not depending on 8 sacks like they did versus Carolina.

  • The Vikings had three possessions in which they found themselves in 2nd & short (3 yards or less). In a spot where the offense could get creative, the Vikings chose to run all three times and managed to only gain one 1st down on a 4 yd run by Matt Asiata. This was a minor thing but bugged me.

  • Stadium food--We love the fried chicken from Revival but for $16 they gave us a wing and leg. And they were small. Pretty bogus, especially when the picture showing it makes it look like good size pieces of chicken. The chicken sandwich at Revival was $12 but the chicken piece is pretty good sized and legit. Go with the sandwhich and not the bucket. Thank me later.

  • US Bank Stadium is the real deal. We were in section 309, row 29 (top row) and actually enjoyed it. The place gets really loud, especially up top. It's beautiful as well, in the day, at night, all of it.

Until next time Vikings fans!

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